This course is all about numbers!

In this course you learn all about your financial statements.

Do you wonder what your numbers are telling you?

Or what you’re missing?

Do you worry about making payroll?

Is there enough cash in the bank?

Can you afford to hire a new manager to oversee part of the business?

This course will give you the answers to these questions and more!

Become Financially Literate

The goal of this course is to help you become financially literate while you calculate your own financial statements. As a business owner it is essential that you understand your own financial statements and can calculate numbers like working capital and customer profitability; in order to make better, more profitable decisions.

Too Busy for Business School?

As a business owner you already know that financial literacy is incredibly valuable in both your personal life and business. Without a solid understanding of where your money is being spent or made, it's almost impossible to make well informed decisions. Even hiring someone to monitor your financials doesn’t help you much if you have no idea what any of the numbers mean.

Ok ok. So understanding your finances can give you a competitive advantage and make the difference between running a successful business or going out of business altogether, but where do you start? Traditional online business schools can cost on average $30,000 and take months or years to complete. Free programs like Goldman Sachs have application processes and cram an impossible amount of information into a single class. As a business owner, we know time and money are both valuable and limited resources. Don't worry! The Business Owner's MBA is here to help.

Get a Business Owner's MBA!

Like all of the Business Owner’s MBA courses, BOMBA takes a hands-on approach to teaching finances by breaking down each section of YOUR financial statements and teavhing you how to calculate your finacial ratios and what they mean. Each bite sized lesson covers a single financial concept in detail. 

Instead of using case studies of other businesses as examples, we’ll teach you exactly where you can find financial information for YOUR business and how to calculate and categorize your information yourself. You’ll also be provided with lesson activities to help guide you. Enter the information you gather after each lesson, and by the time you complete the course you will have also completed your own financial picture! Plus you’ll have the knowledge and understanding of what all these numbers mean and what they are tellling you about your business. Then you can make better, more informed, profiable decisions.

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Taught by Financial Guru, Deb Purvin

Having experienced the shortcomings of her own Business MBA from Harvard and Dartmouth, and after teaching Goldman Sachs courses for over 5years, Deb recognized a need for better financial education specifically for small business owners of all backgrounds. That's why she created BOMBA. Read more about her story below.

Learn on your own time, as many times as you like

By the end of this course you will have completed your own income statement, balanced your own balance sheet, and understand financial ratios thare relevant to your business. PLUS, we’ll give you lifetime access to this course, so you’ll have step by step guidance whenever you need it.

One-on-one coaching, on your schedule

Get stuck? Have questions? No problem! Schedule a one on one coaching session with founder Deb Purvin on your schedule. A $250 value included free with this course. BOMBA alumni can also join our online community and get the support of fellow business owners's just like you.

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Meet BOMBA Founder, Deb Purvin

Deb has successfully started, managed, grown, and sold two multi-million dollar businesses. Despite her Dartmouth and Harvard education, she quickly learned that she did not know everything she needed to know to run her companies profitably, to encourage her employees to perform at their best, and to juggle all the risks and requirements of a CEO — while raising a family. Deb made a lot of mistakes. The Business Owner’s MBA was born to help other entrepreneurs avoid these mistakes and to accelerate their learning curve, so they can be more profitable, more quickly. The results speak to BOMBA’s success.

When not managing her own companies, Deb has held many executive roles in the banking industry – working with entrepreneurs and business owners who recognize the value of having a banker who has “been there, done that.” Her banking experience includes companies with revenues from $10MM to $1B in many different industries.

Finally, Deb is an adventurer… she skied on the US Ski Team as a teenager – traveling to 6 of the 7 continents before she was 20. When she sold her first company, she and her family embarked on a 4.5 year sailing trip through Central and South America on a 45’ sloop. Now her adventures are more tame – she has 3 grandchildren that keep her busy.

In addition to the Business Owner’s MBA, Deb teaches several classes for the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business program.

Melanie Kuhr

Your guidance led me to many “really” “really” moments! I have a sense of clarity in my personal, professional, and financial future. You are an amazing role model and I am most appreciative.

Sunny NunanFounder, The Admin Awards

If it weren’t for BOMBA, I can say with 100% certainty we would not have grown the Admin Awards from 2 markets to 7, in just over 2 years and tripled our annual revenue. Among the many benefits I received, BOMBA gave me the confidence to take risks, helped me better understand and address the financial implications of fast growth and made me overall, a more courageous and more confident business leader. I can’t more highly recommend BOMBA and Deb Purvin. Both have been the lifeblood to our organization.

Dana, Founder, Adventure Kids Playcare

Shockingly, and with no effort on my part, we sold another franchise - in New Jersey!!!

Now I'm starting to get nervous! I just hired a full service marketing company on Friday because we need help with the local marketing